- Kwaliteitsfietsen SINDS 1936 -


BIKESTOGO is a dynamic Dutch company which has dedicated itself to the assembly and selling of quality bicycles and bicycleparts through our own brands for competing prices.

The knowledge and experience of three generations of  cycle menders shaped our company to what it is right now: a company that focuses on both the national and international and reacts consciously to the newest innovations.

Besides quality and appeal are innovation and  sustainability very important points in our plans. Our products can compete with all the competitors while at the same time we can offer you the best prices. This is the product where you, our customer,  is looking for. 

An example of one of our most succcesful products is the OVfiets, a bicycle available at most the train stations in the Netherlands which can be rented using the same card you use to travel with the public transport in the Netherlands. BIKESTOGO is the proud vendor of these bikes and has already supplied the Dutch Railways with thousands of these bikes since 2008.

Through market research, local regulations and specific wishes we can create the design and technical specifications of our accessories that our buyers want. We are able to deliver the custom-made product our buyers desire.

Frames and accessories are produced by our partners in various country’s on our request and are made according to our high standards, both technically and quality wise.

Our frames are produced both in steel and aluminium.

A detailed production/ transport and assembly planning guarantees our buyers a proper dispatch of the requested amount of bicycles.

With a manufacturing capacity of  a few hundred bicycles a week we can fulfill your demand.

We answer for the continuity and fast delivery for eventually needed spare parts for our provided bicycles.

A new occupation of BIKESTOGO is the sharing bike,  which we can utilize through the track and trace concept.

This concept can be implemented by BIKESTOGO with specific conditions and interesting circumstances in consulation with local city authorities.




Stationsplein 43
1948 LC Beverwijk Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0) 251 22 51 69
E-mail: info@bikestogo.nl

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